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Quarantine Dreams

With all of the social and physical distancing that is going on right now, we can’t help but think ahead to when we safely have this virus behind us. If you’re like us, you're dreaming of summer weather and are excited about seeing friends and family again and enjoying a glass of wine or two with company!

We’ve been asked a lot during this break how our business is surviving during the lockdown. The honest answer is, we're not sure how this will all shake out, as tourism is one of those industries that can be hit so hard by something of this nature. But when counting all the postive things we have going, it has got to outweigh the negative. We have a great staff that are all very supportive and they all know we'll be busy once again in due time. The priority now is keeping everyone safe and healthy so we can look forward to better times ahead.

We are  eager to ramp back up and are hopeful that we can do our part to help boost the local economy by supporting small businesses in Ontario that have been tremendously impacted by the shutdown. We hope that you will decide to stay local, get out, be social and get the economy pumping again by spending both your time and money here in Ontario. Perhaps keeping everyone at home these past few weeks has given us all a better appreciation of what we have in our own backyard. It's easy to take for granted. When you are ready to be social again, we’d love to show you the best of Niagara and some of our favourite small wineries and vineyards. We'd love to see these small businesses back on their feet welcoming guests and sharing a glass of wine with them. It's truly what they live for. And we love to bring you to them. 

In the meantime, if you’d like to help a small business promote what is surely to come, perhaps share a story or two on social media, add a like or a comment here or there on what you are looking forward to most, or pass along a recommendation or two to friends that you know are pumped for getting back to reality. If you have taken a tour with us in the past, we'd love to see your Google review on your experience. We review all of the feedback and use it to make our tours and our packages better every season. I know at Crush Tours, we appreciate all of the support we get from our loyal customers, friends, and family. We can’t wait to get these vans rolling again!

While we dream of things to come, let's keep things fun.  We’d love to hear about your favourite Niagara wineries and what makes them special to you? Do you have a favourite Niagara red, white, rose or sparkling that you enjoyed while being at home? (We've done our fair share of "sampling" over the past few weeks!) Imagine how much better it will taste as we stroll through the vines this summer with the sun on our faces and the gentle breeze at our backs. I hope you are as excited as we are. 

Keep positive, think of good days to come, open a bottle of local, Ontario wine and think of the many ways you can help our local and small businesses get back on their feet again. Speaking from experience, I know they would all appreciate it.

Stay safe....