About Us

Crush on Niagara Inc. is heading into its 17th successful season of Swirling and Tasting.

It’s hard to imagine that 17 years ago a fully guided wine tour experience in Niagara, Ontario didn’t even exist. We had just quit our day jobs and were determined to use our hospitality experience to launch our own wine touring concept in Niagara and embrace entrepreneurship. We remember fondly approaching wineries in the area touting our ideas for a service that taught people about wine and drove them from winery to winery...this was a new concept in Niagara wine country.  So new in fact that a “wine tour operators licence” didn’t even exist in the 20 Valley area. So naturally, we called the mayor and had one created at our kitchen table no less! (true story)

The three only available licences in Niagara on the Lake were owned privately, so we knocked on doors until we found one...not kidding.  It was the end of the day in late summer when we knocked on the door of a privately owned B&B and asked if he knew anyone that had a wine tour operators licence for sale in the Niagara region. It was with a kind smile that he announced he had been looking for a buyer.  And there it was...the beginning of our journey in Niagara, the start of our wine tour company and the start of our dream come true.

Fast forward 17 seasons later, two children, two published wine books, “Crush on Niagara The Definitive Wine Tour Guide”, first and second edition , one vineyard planted with award winning varietals, and a wine tour company that we are more than proud of.

Crush on Niagara Wine Tours is a company built on a passion for wine and a wine country lifestyle. Our touring agendas reflect our growth in the wine tourism industry here in Niagara and also the passion and knowledge of our valued guests that we facilitate tours for.  We offer many exclusive opportunities, such as meeting with a Wine Maker, blending your own bottle of wine, private vineyard visits with winery owners, private lunches at wineries and more.  These tours have evolved over many years, many friendships and many glasses of wine with our winery partners and our friends.

For small groups of 6 to larger events of 150 or more guests Crush on Niagara Wine Tours organizes custom Corporate & Social group tours via Land Rover, Van or Coach , with long distance pick-ups. 'Fun', 'innovative', and 'educational' are words that describe our group itineraries. Be it a staff reward, spousal program, off-site meeting, entertaining clients or team building activity ....leave the details to us.

Crush on Niagara Wine Tours also offers unique Wine Country Getaways along the wine route. Crush has many industry partnerships with several of the regions finest Inns and Boutique Hotels.

Have something else in mind? Give us a call for some fresh ideas! We look forward to showing you the best of Niagara’s winelands.

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