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Spring is just around the corner.

I know it doesn't feel much like it today but spring is just around the corner now. We all look forward to flinging open our windows and letting in the fresh air. With warmer weather on the way, we anticipate bud break and welcome new growth in the vineyard.

After fifteen years of owing Crush on Niagara Wine Tours, we can sense the eagerness of warmer temperatures. As soon as February draws to an end, the phones start ringing as flocks of tourists plan their getaways and wine tours in wine country.
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Wandering the isles looking for bubbly to celebrate the holiday season can be a daunting task. Champagne (strictly French bubbly) is a wonderful addition to any holiday party, but why not shop for local bubbles? There are so many delicious bubbles made right here in Niagara. Better yet, head out to the wineries on an organized tour and try and buy sparkling wines direct from the people that make them. What better fun? I recommend having a bottle (or two) of bubbles in your fridge at any time of year. Great for celebratory occasions but also for non-occasions
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Did it seem like it went from summer straight to Fall ? I know, I know I'm not complaining..but it was one HOT summer . (It went from scorching hot to cool, air conditioning, straight to turning on the heat.) Harvest is in full swing and has become the main topic of conversation in wine country.  Veraison, meaning the ripening of the grapes or the change in the colour of the grapes is setting in and as the berries begin to change colour growers need to protect their grapes.
It’s the time of year when the grapes begin to ripen and hang deliciously and naturally become a smorgasbord for the wildlife around here.  Birds, particularly Starling, arrive in mesmerizing flocks and attack vineyards like a plague of locusts. The deer and racoons also enjoy the sweet fruits of our labour.  
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I’m sure by now every self-respecting Canadian has fired up their BBQ’s, Smokers, Ceramic grills and the like. What better way to enjoy a wonderful summer evening paired with a lovely glass of local libations? Niagara has wonderful beers, bubbles and wines to choose from so don’t be afraid to mix it up and try something new.
Here are some of our fave outdoor grilling wine and food pairings and some new sips that might surprise and delight! Sip, grill and chill! Cheers!
We love bubbles to start off any summer gathering. Bubbly isn’t just to ring in the New Year anymore. Bubbles make a great aperitif, or pair with casual burgers or grilled chicken and corn on the cob. We love Featherstone’s “Joy”, Henry of Pelham’s “Cuvee Catherine Rosé Brut”, and Back 10 Cellars “Smitten”.